Monday, June 22, 2009

My only Kryptonite.....

Amidst the resilient aura of this loquacious entirety

Hidden is the weakness that only a few knows the prophesy

The potent, conflicting, independent, authoritative force

The robust, sting, sharp and innovative source

Hidden inside this stalwart physique of evident beauty

Within the one they call the savior of an advent melee

From a distance the infirmity does exist in an open air

The life, the strife, the present, the future, the reason of glare

Amidst the arrogant stance, the shrill voice, the undulating hair

Beneath the flashy garments, the alluring charm, the reliable fair

Is the secret that is half known, the blurry that is partly shown

The soft scrape of proud fa├žade, the mix of pink and green silently moan

Hidden underneath this man of steel, this bird, this plane, this superman

Within this laser blasting eyes, this corpulent lips, this artist, this soft hand

I learned, I lived, I love that…

Everything you say i will do

I learned, I lived, I love that...

My only Kryptonite



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ass in you she don’t fade….

With impish smile, sloping its head

With changing hair soft as bread

It looks and occasionally sound smart

But breath so foul fuck its like a fart

Deceiving presence with its innocent entirety

Soon it’ll reveal its crushing stupidity

Its purpose to be ridden to carry stuff

But its damn weak, its might is a bluff

What is it, Is it a camel, is it a horse?

Legends say, just read it, full of rumors

Why does it exist, it’s a useless creature

It’s an impediment, a stupid loser

But they do exist, they are around

To play, to fool, put your mind on the ground

So when this is encountered, do ponder fast

Because an ass should only be made for an ass

Nobody knows.... ME

Parched with the heat of forlorn life

Lack of fresh air slicing resembling knife

Dried in the desert of abandoned love

Being paid with fatigue rise and fallen dove


Unknown, invisible to strife’s lineage

With inconsistent showing of supposed bondage

With clandestine thoughts of bothering conduct

Awful river of tears on the cot the product


Perplexed with conflicting treatment of devotion

Relying on petals of flowers for the prediction

Clueless of scenes, deprived of even small lexis

When a heart breaks, breakeven lacks its axis


Probing cure, emerge thy presence in front of a glass

Sick and tired of hearing “this too shall pass.”

Sublime angel of the furthermost vigor intensity

Heal this dilemma cause nobody knows it but me….

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Attached and feeling deserted

It came with a smile with and a mind perverted

Shared jiffies of peculiar excursions

With declaration of amiable illusions


It maneuvered the jaunt with smolder mugs

Introduced the carnival and shared the hugs

In the shore it projected mammoth laughs

Bits of pieces of iniquity hidden in half’s


Everybody ruminate base on the looks

Everybody forgets to not judge the books

It will be loved, you will be drawn

It will be amusing, you will be torn


Keep that smile, keep that bliss

Cause day will come it will be amiss

Unfair is the world of cackle and glares

Hoaxy – the metaphor of DAWN spares




Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Been there done that, been with 288

Still the longing, hoping for that enviable fate

Grieving for that fanatical lasting bliss

Searching, checking, it’s not in any of my list


Same shit, different day - what I always say

Good looks and charm, be smart everyday

Discussion with all kinds of life

All ends with a certain kind of strife


Music – my neverland, my rainbow, my drugs

Family – my source, my force, they give all shrugs

Friends – my drink, my jugs, my lasting aid

Loves – my kiss, my life, my bliss to get laid


What am I, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing

Where am I, I don’t know where the fuck I’m going

When will I, be pleased with this earths entirety

Who am I….. need to figure… need to find me…